Advanced Mixed Berry

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Organic mixed berry flavor. Made with real Elderberry. Formula proven for effective hydration plus fluid and electrolyte restoration.

Berri LYTE Advanced rehydrates and nourishes our bodies when we need it most. Unlike the over-processed alternatives on the market, our natural plant-based electrolyte solution focuses on flavorful organic ingredients found in nature. Pediatrician approved, Berri LYTE Advanced restores natural hydration levels from infants to adults.

Made with real Elderberry! New Berri LYTE Advanced Formula provides rapid response hydrations for the ones you love with the added power of elderberry.

Filtered Water, Organic Coconut Water, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Acai Flavor, Organic Berry Flavor, Sea Salt, Natural Flavors from Plants, Organic Purple Carrot, Organic Amla, Organic Sweet Potato Juice, Organic Guava, Zinc Gluconate, Organic Elderberry Juice, Organic Maqui Berries. Contains: Coconut. 




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    Great Low Calorie Sports Drink

    I’ve been looking for a low calorie sports drink that wasn’t loaded with sugar or have that terrible sugar alternative aftertaste. I have now found it. I love these Berri Fit drinks. I’ve tried three different flavors and have not been disappointed with any. Not so sweet like most.

    - David

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    Berri Lyte definitely helped me feel better when I was under the weather. It kept me hydrated and tastes great! Also I was pretty impressed by the natural ingredients. I will definitely be buying this again!


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    Affordable And Makes Me Feel Better

    This drink is refreshing, affordable and makes me feel better as soon as I drink it. I drink it every day and it helps keep me hydrated and the taste is a happy and tropical one. As a cancer patient, I am trying to be mindful about what I put into my body and this product fits the bill for me.

    - Peggy

Medical professionals recommend Berri Lyte:

"Berri Lyte's composition has been formulated to be within the parameters of glucose to sodium ratio as well as total osmolarity for oral rehydration solutions as recommended by the World Health Organization for dehydration and electrolyte replenishment making it suitable for infants and children of all ages. Its sugar to sodium ratio, along with other important electrolytes such as chloride and potassium and osmolarity, are also comparable to that used by Pedialyte and other commercially available oral rehydration solutions. Berri Lyte has a clear advantage in clean, organic ingredients."

-Director of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Boston Children's Hospital

Fitness professionals recommend Berri FIT:

"It is extremely important to me to consume quality nutrients as I know what I put into my body will have a direct effect on my overall health, performance and body composition. I avoid Gatorade because of the synthetic poor quality ingredients and high sugar content. I prefer Berri Fit because of the blend of clean, organic ingredients that were designed with the consumer in mind.”

-Nikki Gagnon (Mother, Fitness Enthusiast and Trainer)

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